BOB MALMSTRÖM AND FRIENDS CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF BOB MALMSTRÖM - Celebration series start with a split 7" with The Enchained

The Finnish borgarcore-band Bob Malmström, established in 2010, has toured the world all the way from Brasil to China with over 250 gigs, three full-length albums and a bunch of smaller releases to their name. The 10 year anniversary celebrations kick-off with a series of split 7" vinyls, continuing on the path laid with the "Länge leve Bob Malmström" cassette EP from 2019. The split sevens are released with two months in between and when the final split is released in June 2020. The series will also be sold as a wooden box set in an extremely limited run.

On the first split (Sälj Åland) Bob Malmström has chosen to collaborate with Finnish melodic hardcore band The Enchained. The digital release date is on the 24th of January with vinyls following in the coming weeks. The limited prints can be ordered a split each for 9,90€ or 38,90€ for the limited edition box containing all splits. Currently the only sales channel is placing your order at elitbolaget@gmail.com. Shipping fees are added.

The second split is with Tvärnitad from Västerås, Sweden (April 2020) and the third split with Dispyt from Finland (June 2020). Each split carries a guest artist. On Sälj Åland rap legend JAG rhymes to a bona fide nu metal vibe. On the second split Anni Lötjönen from Huora feats on Jag älskar att supa and on the third split Jonas Ekroos from Tvärnitad gives his voice to Helsingfors borgarmangel. Teemu Aalto known for his work with Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum is the producer behind the wheel.

The Enchained are a melodic hardcore punk band with a history going back all the way to 1997. They have delivered more than 150 gigs in Finland, Sweden and The Baltics. On the way The Enchained have released several small releases and a full-length in 2018 called Red Lights. The miles on the road show as fierce live shows and dedication to the creed of hardcore music.

Fresh Bob Malmström and The Enchained music videos will hit youtube on January 30th and the bands hit the road as following:

31.1. Helsinki, FIN - On the rocks - Helsinki Must Be Destroyed (Friday: Bob Malmström, The Enchained, One Hidden Frame, St. Hood, Rattus; Saturday: Kehonrakentajat, Strum 101, Miettiin, Korkkivika, The Backstabbers, Terveet Kädet) - Buy tickets »
13.3. Turku, FIN - Saaristobaari: Bob Malmström
14.3. Mariehamn, Åland - Bastun: Bob Malmström
28.3. Helsinki, FIN - Lepakkomies: Bob Malmström 10 vuotta! (Lineup TBA)
17.4. Kotka, FIN - Haukka Music Bar: Bob Malmström w/ Tvärnitad & The Enchained
18.4. Karjaa, FIN - Pub Norris: Bob Malmström w/ Tvärnitad & The Enchained
1.5. Sweden TBA: Bob Malmström, Tvärnitad
2.5. Sweden TBA: Bob Malmström, Tvärnitad
15.5. Lappeenranta, FIN - Lucky Monkeys: Bob Malmström w/ The Enchained & Ratface
16.5. Lohja, FIN - Rock'n'roll Cafe: Bob Malmström w/ The Enchained &: Ratface
11.7. Ostrobothnia, FIN TBA: Bob Malmström

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Contact information:
Bob Malmström: Kjell Simosas, 040-5899092, elitbolaget@gmail.com
The Enchained: Saku Poikonen, 050-5212261, info.enchained@gmail.com

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